The biological drive to eat is a shared condition. However, issues regarding the motives, politics and desires behind consumption manifest themselves within our society with varying impacts. How do we negotiate these potentially precarious circumstances within our culture of eating?Increasingly, American consumers are attempting to make informed decisions about what they ingest. In whose best interest does our current system – from production to consumption to elimination- act in favor of?  Are there ways that we can look at nutritional sustenance with the same degree of scrutiny we apply when confronting other material desires.Often political or business concerns transform food from its primary function into a decoy for other issues. Food has the ability to generate, preserve, and create opportunities within culture. Although it is one of the primary connections between people, food can also disconnect us through our consumer choices and eating habits.  Through a consideration of film submissions Ingest|Digest|Protest will be a collection of works dealing with the desires, motives, and politics behind the consumption of food.

This is a Screened event showing 11 videos from artists from around the world, and Food will be served with each video.

The Curators:

We are a group artists from Grand Valley State University focused on art curation.  Our studies range from performance, sculpture, and graphic arts, as well as art history. These intersecting fields help to enliven our group with a variety of strengths and diversity of talents.  Additionally, our combined experience in curating various projects throughout our community gives us a foundation of creativity, civic leadership, and scholarly integrity.  We are eager to explore the possibility of adding to our collective experience an opportunity to share our civic concerns and passion for learning with more communities.

Courtney Jones
Co-Curator: Incubate//Resuscitate, Padnos Student Gallery,GVSU (2013)
Lead Curator: Ingest/Digest/Protest, Grand Rapids Screening, The DAAC (2010)
Assistant Curator with Time Studio Class: Untitled, Public Projection/Screening (2009)
Leah Burke
Lead Curator: West Michigan Photography Collective (2011)
Assistant Curator: Fragile Empires: Reset (2010)
Assistant Curator: Art and Public: Politics, Economics, and a Democratic Culture, UICA (2011)
Patrick Brodeur 
Assistant Curator: Art and Public: Politics, Economics, and a Democratic Culture, UICA (2011)
Cory Hurless 
Assistant Curator with Curatorial Studio Class: Animate|Animate, Padnos Student Gallery, GVSU (2012)
Jessica Pleyel
Head Curator: Women’s Center Annual Juried Art Show, GVSU Women’s Center (2011-12)
Curated Solo Show: The Ends of Means, Padnos Student Gallery (2009)
Assistant Curator with Civic Studio Class: On The River, Gillette Bridge, Grand Rapids (2009)